Friday, October 2, 2009

Foodservice retail operators, what’s under your umbrella? Customers Anyone?

Grocery stores, Restaurants, Convenience stores, Dollar Stores, Mobile food trucks and Kiosk are all improving the quality of the food that they sell. The questions is what is quality? Is it better for you foods, meaning less fat, less salt, fewer calories, or a smaller portion? Within the grocerant niche we understand the successful role of each in your niche. Packaging, portability and plate presentation contribute significantly to the success of new product or LTO’s. What role does food & food product authenticity play in the relationship to the consumer choice for success?
Consumer are people and people want to feel connected to you brand and your brand must remain relevant in the minds eye of the consumer. Outside eyes can deliver both top line and bottom line results. Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions focused on the growing grocerant niche can assist you in extending you brand or products success with consumers. Challenging the premise of new ideations, pressing, probing and prodding C-level teams to validate the brands position and path. Grocerant assessments, brainstorming, coddling teams, propelling the future Foodservice Solutions will drive both your top line and bottom line. When category management is not enough, for the right balance between IQ & EQ contact Foodservice Solutions at: 253-759-7869.

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