Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grocerant food is portable and getting better.

Since 1991 at Foodservice Solutions we believe that Differentiation dose not mean different! It means familiar. Consumers young and old are demanding more choice. Today that means they are looking for choice in different ways, at different times. Why people eat and when they eat is paramount to where and what they will eat. More and more consumers of all ages are looking for food with fewer calories, less fat or bolder flavors. Positioning consumer friendly options directly for the consumer is always a win-win. I have now identified five hot button trends/ issues in Grocery, four in Convenience Stores, two in Dollar stores and reaffirmed three in the Restaurant niche.
The confluence of these issues is striking the overlap is most interesting. It appears to me that all of these issues / trends are growing and will contribute to the build out of a new and significant food niche. That niche is the Grocerant niche filled with ready to eat or ready to heat portable foods. One of the over lapping hot button trends is better for you food, another is better for you packaging. Consumers are utilizing new tools to identify, quantify and qualify where and what they will eat. Here are three websites that have become popular with a focus on better for you:
If your not currently cross positioning your product or menu in these new and exciting avenues of information and distribution. It might be time to think about. For more go information on the history of the Grocerant niche follow the first link to: or to learn more about Foodservice Solutions follow this link: .

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