Thursday, November 12, 2009

2010 Food Retailers are focusing on PRICE in the war for the consumer.

Grocery stores and Supermarkets are aggressively cutting the price on products system wide lead by Safeway. Wal-Mart continues to streamline the distribution system taking out cost and is able to maintain a competitive pricing advantage over many most others competitors. It is important that food marketers engage their customers with the most relevant offers through the most effective channels at the best times. 2010 appears to be the year of the price wars as establish players dig in the battle for the consumer.

McDonalds with deep consumer insight and knowledge of market trends is preparing to launch a nationwide breakfast campaign early in 2010 focused on $ 1.00 price point. Success leaves clues and Subway’s $ 5.00 foot long campaign pushed same store sales up 6.9 % to lead the restaurant industry.

New products and unique bundling opportunities can on the other hand lead to customer satisfaction, product trial and greater margins. Bundling is fundamental to building deeper relationships between products, brands and their customers. It just might be time to think outside the box with strategies that will

help a build competitive advantage during the upcoming New Year. Retail food sales are about an ongoing ever expanding customer experience. Look at bundling new product with new opportunity. The outlook for 2010 is bright and colorful.

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