Monday, November 2, 2009


The complexity of running a national chain of prepared food outlets, Grocery store, Conveniences Store, Restaurant or Dollar stores in today’s environment is a challenge. The stress on non-customer focused departments has been highlighted during this recent round of earnings conference calls. Where legal and development departments report renegotiating leases reducing cost and capturing a one time economic opportunity cost are leading the way. With purchasing recapturing volatile commodity cost reporting as a second wave of importance, we might have cause for concern.

Concern, is for a loss of customers and reduced frequency this is reflective of a continuation of consumer discontinuity. Consumers are moving to prepared food venues and away from traditional food preparations methods. That focus is (was) mandatory and obviously required, but we must move on back to THE bread & butter THE CUSTOMER and customer service.

Bob Brothers states: “BE A SUCCESS – THINK LIKE A ROCK STAR” “Think your job has nothing in common with the career of a rock star? I would have agreed - until my youngest son dipped his toe into the music industry.

Here's what it takes according to Bob ...

1. TALENT - Your ability to do something that's useful or valuable. But pure talent's not enough ...

2. SHOWMANSHIP - People have to know what you do, and what you can do for them

3. BUSINESS SENSE - Success requires convincing an employer, a customer, or an audience to pay you for your talent. Understand and be responsive to the people who can make or break your success.

4. MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK - There's nothing like meeting someone who knows someone, or being in the right place at the right time. Improve your chances by getting to know the people in your business.

Paying more attention to your work life won't guarantee you'll be the next superstar of your field, but you can become more successful by investing some of your time and energy to strengthen your talents, increase your visibility, and make yourself more valuable to the people who matter. How is your company thinking? Is your Food Operation a Rock Star! Is your company Rocking if not we can help. Contact me for more at: or leave a comment below. For more read this article:

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  1. Thinkin of 'rock stars', the consideration of moving prepared foods into the stadium, convention center, theme parks verticals might make some sound sense. The food at these venues is generally pretty bad, and the retail cost, due to their COS objectives, is astonding.
    What if you could address their COS objectives within the confines of prepared foods? Just a thought. Those companies (Aramark for instance) could make millions, and so too, the consultant who thought it up.:)