Monday, November 30, 2009

Questions on Grocerants?

Here are some of the questions that I received recently related to my blog. Why are consumers going to a grocery store for hot food over restaurant TO-go Food or cooking? Do consumers prefer to spend time cooking from scratch or do they want more time for family/friends/activities? Do grocery stores really prepared the food from scratch? What is the best way for me to enter the grocerant niche? Just where is the opportunity within the niche as an employee? Food and people are focused in each question. One Email stated: I don’t cook, Why should I? I can get great food fast in an appropriate portion without waste.

What are the most compelling reasons to buy ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat foods?

• Quantify, based how it looks and is presented the visceral appeal?

• Price of the food ease of paying for it at the market, evaluate price vs. cost ingredients ; restaurant or time to cook the same at home?

• Freshness, does freshness equal value and can it also mean it’s a sustainable product?

• What sector holds the advantage in the grocerant sector? Could it be number of units simple points of distribution?

I do believe that there is an underlining change in how consumers see value. In Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and Restaurants. That value is being determined by a new set of metrics. Included it those is HEALTH-QUALITY, PRICE, SPEED OF SERVICE (TIME) AND APPERAANCE OF THE FOOD. Overriding all of the issues is where the consumer can consume the food. Consumer are on the run, they don’t have time for a full service sit down restaurant. Today grocery stores and supermarkets are winning however with the global food testing underway at 7 Eleven they too may become a very important player in this niche..

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