Thursday, November 5, 2009

Foodservice visceral attractiveness equals contemporary consumer relevance.

Wal-Mart began installing end-caps with video food product highlights over two years ago drawing attention to what is down the isle and promoting select branded products. Today most Wal-Mart superstores have now installed digital food advertising that is without doubt consumer focused and positively received. Remodeling stores is an expensive task, updating a digital visceral platform is as simple as a flip of the switch. Walk into any food court and you will find several menu boards that are digital with graphics and menu displays that rival anything you see on a HDTV. Panda Express is one company that excels in this area, telling a story, painting a picture of authenticity that is unmistakable. I assure you others will copy there lead.

With multiple new food products, formats and menu’s under test around the world. 7-Eleven is not waiting for any one else in there niche they have announced that they will role out a digital video network dubbed 7-Eleven TV. Without doubt this program to be rolled out in the US at more than 6,150 units by the end of next year will be the green spout to launch new ready-to-eat & ready-to-heat food products.

Foodservice visceral attractiveness equals contemporary consumer relevance in all retail channels. Consumer are connected at home, at work and in the car they are viscerally alert, don’t keep them in the dark. Contact me for more at: or leave a comment below.

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