Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Food Buzz Stores the next step from Pop-Up stores and Mobile Trucks!

Many food retailers are showcasing new product utilizing Pop-Up stores to create consumer and industry Buzz! It works, companies around the world are putting on there own spin on Pop-Up stores. However the opportunity to be closer to the customer’s particular in metropolitan areas is a key ingredient to success of all. The picture above is of Singapore Press Holdings buzz "pods" - which look more like convenience stores than the usual newsstands – they are located in high-traffic spots. The idea of expanding a news stand and including Grocerant prepared food is a gold mine. Three day parts; three fresh food opportunities, to connect and re-connect with the consumer as they walk by. This is where Grab-and-GO meets success!

These Buzz stores come with hot-food and drink stations, offering convenience food such as curry puffs and instant hot noodles to consumers. Convenience Stores in the US are trying out drive Thru’s, which I think has some potential. Buzz stores create an opportunity for new types of prepared foods, sold fresh. They create the opportunity for mini kiosk for the non-metropolitan areas. Previously, such stations could not be housed in the small pods because of space constraints. Utilizing a central commissary, regional prepared food companies can now build a brand around day parts with meal entity with identity for each day part. Building a brand around food and product rather than buildings, it just might work. Contact me for more at: or leave a comment below. For more read this article:

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