Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today & Tomorrow brought consumer relevance into the spotlight.

The Grocerant sector continues to show growing interest for share of stomach by all players. In August a promotion by Maggiano’s Little Italy a restaurant chain owned by Brinker International begin signaled a ear continued relevance for foodservice leadership within the restaurant sector. The promotion called “Today & Tomorrow” was a new twist on the buy one get one offers restaurants have offered for years. This time however at Maggiano’s you order two meals one cooked for you to eat; the other will be cooked and packaged for you to take home and eat tomorrow.

Grocerants ready-to-heat and ready-eat-products are so consumer friendly and well accepted today I was reassured that some within the restaurant sector get. This Thanksgiving as company came and left I was reminded of this promotion on three separate occasions. Creating buzz for both the product and company from within this promotion still has customers talking. Success does leave clues and this one leads directly the consumer, that’s a hit in my book!

Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Convenience stores all have a big stake here. It is all about share of stomach. If Maggiano’s gets dinners two out of seven nights in a week, well that’s big? When the other players jump in, the race for the consumer share of stomach begins a new and will reach a new level! For a state of the art grocerant program review leave a comment or contact Steven Johnson of Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions. 

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