Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner for 6 people for under $ 17, less than $ 3.00 per person!

California based Grocery Outlet is currently leading the low cost option for Thanksgiving dinner. Melissa Porter Vice President of marketing for Grocery Outlet states “Hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” With careful planning and attention to detail, families can host the most celebrated meal of the year without roasting their budget.”

This is vertical marketing at its best. Going the extra mile to reinforce the brands value at a critical time of the year. Progressive Grocer reports, “To counter the rising food costs, Grocery Outlet has assembled a menu available in its stores and online at, along with corresponding recipes and a sample shopping list. The menu includes such holiday favorites as a roast turkey for $1.03 per serving, or $6.19 for six people; mashed potatoes for 20 cents per serving, or $1.19 for six; cranberry sauce for 13 cents per serving, or 75 cents for six; apple cider carrots for 14 cents per serving, or 86 cents for six; and pumpkin pie for 62 cents per serving, or $3.72 for six. The total cost per serving comes out to $2.91, or just $17.40 to feed six guests.”

This is not all grocerant prepared food, but it is food bundled and targeted at the family. I would suggest that it will pull sales away for other who focus solely on prepared foods. Thanksgiving Dinner, are you prepared to position you food as well as Grocery Outlet. Success leaves clues and driving the value of a brand message is one of them, particularly if you’re a value brand.

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