Sunday, January 31, 2010

Takeaway food propels frequency, loyalty while enhancing the brand!

Understanding the value of each daypart, provides a platform for food retailers too extend service to existing customers. Super Max utilizes this knowledge to grow sales, increase profits all the while building loyalty and frequency of its shoppers. The homemade soup pictures above, besides tasting great, looks authentic, and is real homemade. This authentic touch point provides just the platform for building a halo of fresh, good and authentic that allows Super Max to sell food from the deli every hour the store is open.

All grocerant fresh prepared food programs need a mainstay product. That product can be entrée with identity that provides the halo for the entire program. Communities all have preferred flavor profiles, grocerant programs need to incorporate those attributes into lasting products with identity.

Super Max consistently provides a mix and mach set of food options for consumers to chose from that complement each other. They do it each and every daypart. On each trip to Super Max the deli prepared food area has been busy. Interestingly, while sitting eating inside at the Super Max Deli other customers would suggest something or tell of one of their favorite items. This happened repeatedly with out prompting. Unusual, I think so, each told why they come, how often and why they will be back! That my friend’s is brand loyalty.

Foodservice Solutions based in Tacoma, WA is the global leader in the grocerant niche. For product, or program assessments or winning strategies within the grocerant niche call 253-759-7869.

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