Thursday, October 27, 2011

Consumers pick Tap water over Soda at restaurants.

The halo of a better for you product, and better for you price, drives consumers to pick tap water over other beverage options while at restaurants.  In fact according to NPD's new report "Beverages at Foodservice: Satisfying Our Thirst for Beverages" and I quote “Individual tap water servings have jumped by 2.8 billion servings since 2006”.  That’s a lot of water!
The report goes on to reveal that tap water is one of the fastest-growing beverages ordered in U.S. restaurants. “NPD's CREST service, which tracks consumer use of restaurants, found that tap water servings make up eight percent of the 50 billion beverages servings ordered.”
"Although the economy and high unemployment are factors in tap water's upswing and beverage servings declines, some beverages, like carbonated soft drinks were declining prior to the recession," said Bonnie Riggs, report author and NPD restaurant industry analyst.” I’ll have mine with water.
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