Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heat-N-Eat Ready-made meals drive brand value.

Elizabeth Sloan wrote in Food Technology magazine that the grocerant niche is driving new products and retail growth around the globe while meeting the needs of today’s consumer. 
Here is what she had to say.”It's not just taste that is driving this trend. With more than half of woman in developed countries feeling squeezed for time while holding a job and caring for their families, food products that make meal preparation easier and faster continue to grow in demand.
Burgers that you can heat in a toaster along with spaghetti Bolognese that can be microwaved in its own can are just two common examples of foods that are becoming popular in the UK and Europe.
Dried spice blends that double as measuring cups, marinades/stocks sold in six-pack tubes and cooking sauce pouches are designed to make cooking easy without the mess and keep food and seasoning fresh longer.
Some products allow home cooks to make easy additions such as pastry toppings for a pie or noodle base to create a meal that is their own. In addition to regular home-style cooking, the fresh and organic options are also becoming more popular when it comes to ready-made options. Sandwich fillers, sauces and spreads also turn ordinary sandwiches into gourmet, restaurant-style meals.”
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