Friday, October 14, 2011

Food spending up, by lower-income consumers.

While lower-income consumers have cut discretionary spending, 31% have increased their purchases of food and beverages.  According to SymphonyIRI’s report “The Lower-Income Shopper Report: Serving Lower-Income/Multicultural Shopper Micro-Segments. Overall the market represents $115bn in incremental spending over the next decade. While much of the increase is due to price hikes and a reduction in restaurant meals, the effect on retailers is undeniable. The report suggests different lower-income groups require separate marketing efforts. For example, African-American consumers shop more often than any other group, followed by seniors and Hispanics.
While the old saws lower-income shoppers carefully plan shopping trips with lists, etc., over 50% make spontaneous purchases when at the store. Just under 49% of lower-income consumers are likely to track their spending during the store visit or make “budget-driven impulsive decisions,” whereas only 38% of higher-income shoppers will do the same. Private label products are making inroads with lower-income consumers, but nearly 30% of older ones believe brands are worth the extra money. That number soars to 46% among African American households. At the other end, 70% of households with kids and 64% of younger families, and 60% of African-Americans will give up quality in order to get a lower price (as compared to 51% of older shoppers).
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