Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maggiano’s Little Italy Evolving with Consumers

Americans love affair with Italian has not dissipated.  Italian food was at one time the leading ethnic food in America.  Today Italian is close to mainstream food not crowed out by Thai, Mexican, Brazilian, or Peruvian but rather considered a family planning meal staple, something everyone likes and eats.

Maggiano’s Little Italy specializes in serving homemade, classic Italian-American cuisine and portions in classic restaurants that are comfortable, contemporized, compelling in authenticity. What Maggiano’s does better than most as a chain restaurants is finding success as it evolves with consumers.

While consumer have been migrating to the grocerant niche filled with ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food. Maggiano’s has as well.  They offer many classic pasta’s all from a selection for handmade pasta’s and baked specialties to enjoy in the restaurant, and then choose a second dish to take home and enjoy later. Pasta today and pasta tomorrow, success does leave clues and no other restaurant chain does ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food as well as Maggiano’s.

In addition Maggiano’s has a “Marco’s Meal for Two” it is a three-course meal for two that include the guests’ choice of an appetizer, flatbread, or two side salads; two classic pastas, plus two classic pastas to take home; and one dessert.  Few chain restaurants have evolved with consumer contemporized relevance as Maggiano’s.  Outside Eyes can provided inside results call Foodservice Solutions®.

Some legacy restaurants keep using the “Four Wall Theory” while Maggiano’s thinks about your kitchen table, TV Room and office. Maggiano’s offers both Take-Away and Delivery service as well as inside seating.  The grocerant niche continues to boom, companies the ilk of Maggiano’s Little Italy that evolve with it will continue to grow top line sales and bottom line profits. 

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