Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Non-traditional Subway is Extraordinary

Built as a brand that was intended to be “better for you” by Co-founder Dr. Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca has turned out to be better for millions. Is it any wonder that SUBWAY was the first restaurant to meet the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Meal Certification Program nutritional criteria?  No.

The heart of the Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food aka grocerant niche is the halo of better for you and Subway has been and continues to play a pivotal role.  Subway was non-traditional from the start positioning itself in the QSR sector as “better for you” back in 1965.  Today with over 40,000 units worldwide Subway, Fred Deluca, and Dr. Peter Buck have earned our accolades.

This year alone Subway has opened 1,761 new units.  Legacy restaurant operators struggling with location footprint malaise need to take a closer look at the ROI Subway provides.  Leveraging non-traditional locations like no other restaurant company there “are more than 9,000 non-traditional locations worldwide and about 4,500 of them are in gas/petrol stations. The SUBWAY® chain can open in spaces where other brands may believe to be too small or impractical, such as hospitals, health clubs, movie theaters and train stations. In fact, customers enjoy SUBWAY® sandwiches and salads at restaurants on a German riverboat, in a car dealership in California and even in a church in Buffalo, New York.”

In an Omni-Channel retail world Subway is a clear leader in fact Subway has 5,500 more units than any other US restaurant chain.  This is the fourth straight year,” the SUBWAY® brand was ranked “number one” by consumers in the Zagat® Fast Food Survey in the “Healthy Options,” “Most Popular” and “Top Service” categories for food brands with 5,000 or more locations….

The brand was also named the #1 QSR Brand in the YouGov Brand Index’s mid-year rankings. SUBWAY® was also named the #1 Health Conscious Brand by Brand Keys Inc. and the #1 in Consumer Satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Non-traditional is a good thing and 40,000 units is simply fantastic
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