Thursday, June 12, 2014

Casey’s General Stores Driving Success with Fresh Prepared Food and Delivery

Founded in 1959 Casey’s General Stores today has 1840+ stores and has been driving top line growth above 10% the last three years.  In 2013 same store sales were up 11.8 % with an average margin of 61.1%.  How old is your company, are your same store sales up 36.8%+ over the past three years?
If success does leave clues clearly Casey’s General Stores growing top line sales and bottom line profits is a company to look for clues.  There is one clue that stands out.  That clue is fresh prepared food.  In Casey’s case they chose to focus on pizza.  After years of success rolling out pizza system-wide they began testing delivery.  Wow, that was just over three years ago and sales and profits have never been better.
In an Omni-Channel retail world Casey’s entrance into the Grocerant Niche is no surprise.  Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ Steven Johnson say’s “fresh prepared food has provided a halo of “better for you” around Casey’s messaging that has resonated with consumers in both large and small markets.”
 CEO Robert J. Myers understand the importance of operating in an Omni-Channel retail world stating  “Our sales continue to benefit from expanding operations to 24-hours a day, adding pizza delivery, and completing major remodels.
In the mid-west where most of Casey’s stores are located they have become a formidable competitor both restaurants and pizza companies.  In fact Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru thinks that Casey’s will be a strong competitor for years to come, and a competitor that the restaurant sector would be wise to pay attention too.   The fact that they can bundle meal components in a Mix-N-Match customized fashion is inviting, timesaving and complementary to consumers lifestyles and will continue to drive growth for this outstanding fresh food retailer.”

Myers went on to state that in “2015, Casey’s hopes to continue to increase its prepared food and fountain sales by close to 10 percent.” There is not a restaurant chain with 1840+ units that has or will have 4+ years of 10% growth.  How old is your company?  What are you doing differently? What opportunities have you over looked in our Omni-Channel retail world?  Is it time for some Outside Eye’s?

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