Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Better Food For All Visionary Subway’s Fred Deluca Dies at 67

Fred DeLuca’s long battel with Leukemia has come to an end .I thank Fred for helping everyone become aware of ‘Better for You” fresh prepared Ready-2-Eat food.

Subway simply continues getting “better for you” the consumer thanks to Fred’s steadfast focus on better food for all.  Founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck the goal was to build a brand of “better for you” great tasting fast food outlets.  Consumer have never slowed in showing appreciation, today Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain.   Ready-2-eat “better for you” food works worldwide and Subway proved it.

From the beginning Subway focused on “better for you” food as a brand strategy.  It worked then and it works today.  Subway successfully integrated tactic after tactic to edify the “better for you” strategy. 

Success does leave clues and Subway is an outstanding example brand messaging success and how to integrate consumer focus tactics extending the halo of the brand with continued consumer relevance.  The industry will miss him, I will miss him.  God’s Speed Fred. 


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