Saturday, March 5, 2016

Amazon, Google, Walmart Hungry for Customers Selling Fresh Food Online

Amazon the global retail giant has been looking of a last mile solution since they first opened the doors selling books back in the day (1995).  Google has for years been the number one ‘search engine’ for the web worldwide.  However now that Amazon commands nearly half of consumers’ First Product Searches’  Google is refocusing on retail and the battle line is now fresh food.

Sure Walmart is the world largest food retailer and is doing an OK job with click and collect.  However we all know that click and collect will not compete with Amazon Prime’s one hour delivery.  Once again Walmart is not just stuck in the middle; they are falling behind and falling behind fast.  

With Amazon’s Prime Now service recording 54 million subscribers in the United States Google has its work cut out playing catch-up.  That also hurts Walmart who once again is at a competitive disadvantage in online ordering. As the Online battle for food customers just might have found the ultimate solution in fresh food and fresh prepared Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat food.  Is your company Looking A Customer Ahead?

Today not only is the last mile accessible by most any mobile device, it is adorable, customer-centric, time sensitive, and common-place.  Where click and collect is fast becoming more a reflection yesterday’s retail model than tomorrows. 

Companies the ilk of Aldi the low cost grocery sector disruptor can now offer online mobile ordering and for a small fee will have Uber or Lift deliver your order to you.  Whole Foods at the other end of the spectrum is another that Amazon and Google both must watch out for as they use Instacart  for going head-to-head against their fresh-grocery delivery.  

Grocerants are thriving in Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Great Britain, Europe, and the United States.  Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food can be found at convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, Ikea, and online retailers the ilk of Amazon, Alibaba, and Google.  Have conduct a Grocerant Scorecard or get a Grocerant Program Assessment Today.  

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