Saturday, October 3, 2020

QuikTrip’s QT Kitchen Menu Looks Like Fall Does Yours?


Fall has arrived and everywhere you look there are signs of trees turning color, election signs in yards, and several pumpkin coffee menu items or deserts at every restaurant in the America. It not just restaurants any more either QuikTrip Corp. (C-store) QT Kitchens offer great fresh fast food and grocerant niche items for takeout are now offering once again pumpkin Snackles.

QuikTrip is just the latest convenience stores that has begun to look more like a restaurant than aa C-store according to Johnson. brought the pumpkin-flavored menu items to its QT Kitchen locations in mid-September.

The pumpkin Snackles hitting its QT Kitchen stores this season are the Pumpkin Pretzel, which has proven to be fan-favorite treat among QuikTrip customers. The Pumpkin Pretzel is a warm, soft pretzel topped with a sweet cinnamon and sugar blend and stuffed with a pumpkin filling. One choice of dipping sauce is included as well.

But that’s not all, Fall-themed creations are also making a repeat showing on QuikTrip's soft-serve menu. The Pumpkin QuikShake is a drinkable frozen treat featuring premium vanilla soft-serve and blended with pumpkin flavor. The Pumpkin QT Twister features premium vanilla soft-serve twisted with pumpkin syrup.

The Pumpkin QT Twister is only available in the Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, St. Louis, Atlanta, Charlotte and Greenville-Spartanburg markets.

On the coffee bar, the retailer is bringing back its line of seasonal coffee items, which vary by store and market. The beverage options include the Pumpkin Frappe, Hot Pumpkin Latte and Iced Pumpkin Latte, and pumpkin flavored Cold Brew and Cold Brew Frappe. So, what are you doing this fall? Are you looking a customer ahead?  What are you doing next Spring?

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