Wednesday, May 31, 2023

What’s more Important Food or Technology for Restaurants Today


At the intersection of meals, menu’s, food sold, and food marketing restaurants are increasingly being pressured by customers to eliminate all pain points that may slow down service or hamper ordering the family’s meal.

According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® “if your restaurant looks more like yesterday than todays or tomorrow’s restaurants your year over year customer counts are more likely trending down year over year and that is not a good thing.”

Time and time again we read how successful restaurants are investing in technology more than ever to optimize their delivery channels and maximize profits. Now according to the latest QSR Operational Index released by Delaget 2022 QSR Operational Index includes the latest findings and trends in sales, delivery channel growth, losses, staffing, customer experience, and more. Among the key findings highlighted in the report:

1.        Restaurant delivery channels have grown by 1,343% since 2019. Third-party delivery sales have been on an upward trajectory in most states since 2020, with the East Coast leading the charge, reflecting the growing demand for convenient and reliable meal delivery options spurred by the pandemic and the adoption of third-party delivery aggregators by operators across the nation.

2.        Counter sales in 2022 hit 14.44%, an increase of 51.9% over last year, but still down dramatically when compared to pre-pandemic rates of 34.82% in 2018 and 29.68% in 2019.

3.        Average labor costs as a percent of sales are up 6% year over year.

4.        Guest checks for delivery have been consistently higher than other channels over the last three years. In 2022, delivery checks were 63% higher than drive-thru and counter checks on average.


Jason Tober, CEO of Delaget, stated, “After a disruptive past few years, restaurant operators are leveraging technology more than ever to solve new challenges, optimize their delivery channels, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and maximize profits during a time of increasing margin pressure,”... “Our goal with this annual report is to provide restaurant operators with the data they need to benchmark their performance and to equip them with the tools and insights they need to improve performance and optimize their businesses.”

The simple fact is food is always FIRST!

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