Thursday, June 1, 2017

7-Eleven Industry Leadership on Display

This week 7-Eleven Inc. the global leader in branded convenience store foodservice launched an initiative to provide customers with the calorie information for its proprietary fresh food and beverage offerings. Many of our regular readers remember back in the day (1965) when 7-Eleven branded and rolled out the Slurpee.  Leaders lead and 7-Eleven is implementing fresh food calorie disclosure. 
The disclosure includes “floor stands stocking Big Gulp cups, along with translite signs and clings attached to fountain machines, provide the combined calorie counts of a Big Gulp beverage and a hot food item such as a Big Bite hot dog or chicken sandwich. Signs positioned near baked items provide the combined calorie counts of a medium iced coffee and two cookies or a fudge brownie.”
A 7-Eleven spokesperson  is quoted as saying "7-Eleven's mission is to give its customers what they want, when and where they want it, Research shows customers expect to have calorie information available when deciding whether to purchase a product, and 7-Eleven is therefore moving forward with calorie disclosure."
The undercurrents of menu labeling requirements have put increased scrutiny on fresh food retailers around the globe and clearly 7-Eleven has stepped up.  At its Canadian stores last year 7-Eleven rolled out price labels and menu boards that provided calorie counts for more than 300 non-packaged food and beverage products.

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