Thursday, October 12, 2017

Grocerant Niche Sell Hot Food Hot and Cold Food Cold

Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru at Tacoma, WA based global foodservice consultancy Foodservice Solutions® reminds us “that in our evolving retail food world that the basics are still important.  That food integrity matters, packaging matters and you better be selling Hot food Hot and Cold food Cold.”
Pizza Hut is one company that continues to evolve when they announced new packaging the team at Foodservice Solutions® assumed they were trying to keep up with Domino’s oven in the car.  The fact is they might have been but did not want to spend that kind of money.  Which is too bad because that car and over are working great for the Domino’s. 
Instead after exhaustive due diligence I’m told Pizza Hut's New 'Oven Hot Delivery System' is Space Age.  Now if that is not marketing spin I have never heard it.  However, let’s teak a look.  Pizza Hut said it “is now using the same material as space blankets, winter jackets, and home insulation to keep pizzas up to 15 degrees hotter than existing boxes during the delivery process.”
The brand’s new delivery system contains a pouch made with 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology and a pizza box with crisp sheet inserts. That is in addition to a reengineered pizza box and a new crisp sheet, the research sparked the development of an all-new pizza delivery pouch featuring three different thermal insulation materials to help ensure the pizza stays oven hot, the cheese stays melted, and the crust stays crisp:
·         The first layer is 3M Thinsulate Insulation, the same technology that is commonly used in ski jackets
·         The second layer is a PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier, which reflects heat from the pizza  back into the pizza, and is the same material found in space blankets.

·         The third layer is a polyester fiber padding like insulation found in homes that traps heat inside
“By implementing the unique power of our Thinsulate Insulation, which is warmer than almost every comparable material on the market, we’re able to help Pizza Hut achieve their goal to deliver customers a hotter pizza than ever before,” said Mindy Murray, brand communications Manager at 3M, in a statement.
Regular readers of this blog know that we are in the food business and doing the basics matter and selling Hot food hot and cold food Cold is still at the top of the list for consumers.  Technology, innovation, and consumers all evolves and you brand should be evolving all of the time.

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