Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Shake Shack Simply Customer Relevant

How can it be that some companies seem to thrive, while other companies languish in what they term ‘the complexity of turbulent times’ was the question asked of Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based global foodservice consultancy Foodservice Solution®.  His answer “they understand the customer better. 
That is the case with ‘better burger’ company Shake Shack as the debut a new Kiosk-Only, Cashless outlet which is but one of its recent efforts to dominate the better-burger segment with the help of technology.  Shake Shack announced Monday that its newest New York City restaurant will be a “playground” featuring kiosk-only ordering. The new Shake Shack at 51 Astor Place will be entirely cashless in Manhattan and we ask why not?
In addition Shake Shack follows this year’s rollout of a mobile ordering app, the Shack App, plus a feedback and FAQ bot on Twitter and Facebook called ShackBot. These tech additions and the development of a delivery deal with Amazon signal a clear digital direction.
Success does leave clues and understanding consumer adoption of technology requires that you adopt with it as well.  Remember Shake Shack has only 17 units albeit they are high volume there are only 17. Is your company evolving fest enough?  Does your company look more like yesterday’s food brand than tomorrows?

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