Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wonder Why Grocerant Niche Fresh Food is Driving Success

What we knew back in the day and what we know now continues to hold true.  Remember all the stories about soccer moms?  I know that you do so when our own Grocerant Guru® back in 1991 told you that the soccer moms were time starve the team here at Foodservice Solutions® wants to reiterate it once again by saying it is true. 
Well today 22% of the U.S. population is comprised of millennials and guess what they are time starved as well.  Even more important when they were growing up their parents were time starved and began searching for alternative solutions for dinner thus began our journey into the Grocerant Space. 
Today, “when millennials order from restaurants, they’re dining in just 42% of the time. Other restaurant visits are made up of takeout (40%) and delivery (19%). Of all generations, they lead takeout orders, and 34% of millennials say they are visiting foodservice locations more now than they were two years ago according to Technomic.
Sounding just like mom and dad Millennials state that the reasons for visiting restaurants more include that they have less time to cook at home (45%) and that it’s more convenient to purchase food for takeout or delivery (38%).
Millennials continue to be in search of food discovery and interaction that is one reason they more than any other generating have tried meal kits.  As our won Grocerant Guru® puts it Meal Kits are cooking training wheels for millennials.  So it is one wonder millennials are visiting restaurants that offer dishes with new or innovative flavors and ingredients
One size does not fit all fast, fresh, and flavor is key for millennials, as 44% say that the ability to customize their meal is an important attribute when choosing where to dine according to the Technomic report. While the team at Foodservice Solutions® finds that 82.7% of home cooked ‘family meals contains at least one fresh prepared grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat or Heat-N-Eat meal component.
So don’t wonder why the grocerant niche is garnering incremental momentum call us and jet into the game.  Remember millennials want food fresh food with flavor when they want it.  They don’t want to stock a pantry, go home and cook for hours and then do dishes.  By the way is that what you want to do?

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