Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grocerants are not STUCK in a reality of the past, is your retail food company?

Size does matter today in food retailing. Grocerants are providing more than just an element of convenience, speed of service, quality branded and non-branded portable ready-to-eat & ready-to-heat better for you food. We are witnessing dramatic change in how, where and why consumers buy food. Retailers in the Grocerant niche are experimenting with alternative formats. In most every case the retail footprint has been reduced in size. Burger Kings Whopper Bar is one example that is being rolled out with a global footprint.
In Japan Aeon co. Japan’s largest grocery store chain is in the process of opening 500 convenience stores in the Tokyo metro area alone. The new stores will range in size from 130-200 sq. meters each. That is quite a departure from their traditional large store format. Interestingly Aeon already operates a smaller format with 3,000 units called Ministop stores. Obviously size does matter, being close to your customer matters even more. Aeon’s move is following in the footstep of Great Britain’s Tesco new smaller store format that is now taking off in Britain and in the US under the banner Fresh & Easy. With Whole Foods recent success with prepared “food stations” in how long before they build smaller footprint Grocerant style units with better for you food?
Is your company stuck in the past? Is protecting you brand more important than your customer? How often do you say “We don’t do that”? Brand Protectionism can lead to a brands demise. Take a look at the Whopper bar by Burger King:
For more go information on the history of the Grocerant niche follow the first link to: or to learn more about Foodservice Solutions follow this link: .

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