Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tengelmann Group, Carrefour, Safeway?

While two of the Europe’s largest retailers prepare for an economic slowdown on their home turf could they both be looking at Safeway as the next opportunity?  The Tengelmann Group has learn lessons of retailing in the United States and now understands what it takes to convert a legacy chain that is out of step with consumers into one with contemporary relevance.  Tengelmann Group is an outstanding multi-concept food retailer with a global reach.  If not Safeway are they looking at Albertson’s?

The value of the Euro has begun its decline and with both Albertsons and Safeway missing the retailing mark.  The United States might be a safe place to leverage the euro currency for retail opportunity. Albertsons seems to be priced at “fire-sale” position.  Carrefour has been looking for a proper time to enter the United States and this again could be and opportune time. 

Trader Joe’s is the food retailer with the highest sales per square foot in the United States and is owned by a German based group.  Americans love Trader Joe’s.  European food retailers can find success in the United States if they focus on quality ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh and prepared food.  Trader Joe’s has provided a road map to success.    Success does leave clues and Safeway and SuperValu stock price are providing the clues.  Outside eyes can propel the success for the grocerant niche and food retailing in the United States.

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