Tuesday, July 24, 2012

McDonalds leading the world again.


McDonald's is the penultimate American company.  When the economy faltered in the United States, then around the world McDonalds expanded its industry leading Dollar Menu. Consumers from China, Germany, Canada and every corner of the world responded and McDonalds sales and traffic counts went up. 

Yesterday’s earning call by McDonalds edified that global traffic counts continue strong. In business there is nothing more important that customers and profit other than increased customers and profit.  McDonalds has both.  Can your company say that? 

It’s not just the economy that has changed during the past 5 years technology has exponentially evolved and the consumer with it.  At the intersection of the confluence of time, technology, and consumers McDonalds once again has taken the lead.  It has a new menu platform “Favorites Under 400 Calories” where consumers can find no less than 78 McDonalds menu items all under 400 Calories. 

Children, Seniors, Moms and Dads can all rejoice there are better for you food options; that option is McDonalds.  Low calories, competitive pricing, remodeled clean stores, locations, locations, and more locations.  Seniors need a reason to get out, parents need a kid friendly location and this new menu platform is an invitation that is proactive for consumer and edifying for McDonalds brand.

Success does leave clues and McDonalds is simply a step ahead that is our clue for today. 

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