Sunday, February 1, 2015

McDonald’s Hand Held, Hand Wrapped, and Still Wanted

Intense customer research continues around McDonald’s.  One thing that continues to surface is the intense hidden consumer allegiance, reverence, and personal bond with the McDonald’s brand and products.  In addition consumers think convenience and value are ‘better for you’ and both are consumer relevant drivers of success according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™.  

Without doubt Wall Street pundits and many day-traders have been up-set with McDonald’s sales numbers, stock performance, and growth.  It seems that they forget that McDonald’s has the highest average unit sales volume of any international fast food restaurant chain.  They may have over looked the high end of the burger sector including the ilk of Red Robin, Shake Shack, Habit Burger Grill, and 5 Guys where the competitive forces are even greater. 

Wall Street might not have noticed that a Foodservice Solutions® study in 2014 found that McDonald’s was the leading aspirational brand in the U.S.  Deborah Wahl, McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer stated “McDonald’s is in a unique position to bring a little more lovin’ to our customers”.  McDonald’s gets it and should not be discounted as a competitor by anyone. 

One over looked fact is today millions can’t afford to visit McDonald’s.  A  2014 U.S. Census Bureau’s study found approximately 20 percent of children, or 16 million youths under the age of 18, are on food stamps. That number had double since 2007.  McDonald’s continues to be an aspirational brand for many, and a great restaurant operation for many more. 

Success does leave clues.  One clue is a large company, with a strong brand image, has a great future. Consumers value the ‘brand’ McDonald’s.  Consumers repeatedly reveal an allegiance, reverence, and personal bond with McDonald’s.  McDonald’s is not only aspirational it will continue to lead the industry for years. since 1991 is a global retail food consultancy based in Tacoma, WA has been the global leader in the Grocerant Niche, Mix and Match Meal Component Bundling Ideations.  Follow us at:, or Facebook Steven Johnson Contact:

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