Sunday, April 5, 2015

Grocerant Niche Driving Food Quality Forward

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ found that “the Grocerant niche while creating valuable new points of distribution is in addition contributing to the transformation of food retailing in multiple foodservice sectors today including Drug Stores, Dollar Stores, Liquor Stores, C-stores and some Grocery stores.” 

These new foodservice competitors are redefining the food value proposition equilibrium for the consumer. They have created a brand new identity for legacy operators and start-ups that is garnering increased customer adoption, extending beyond consumer expectations within the traditional conveniences store, drug store or dollar store sectors. 

Customer adoption is increasing according to Foodservice Solutions® team research that found “consumers perceive these new non-traditional fresh food points of distributions have ‘restaurant quality food for less”
Customer migration does not occur without a shift in customer perception / perceived value in the minds-eye of the consumer “Food Quality Never Takes a Step Back” according to the Grocerant Guru™. These evolving new points of fresh food distribution will continue to improve over time increasing industry competitiveness. 

Quality food builds customer loyalty. Constantly improving food quality garners new customers, increased customer frequency, top line sales and bottom line profits.  Grocerant niche companies are now expanding day-parts, reaching out to consumers beyond their traditional base. Simply put finding success. 

Our recent economic slump / recession created turmoil.  During Transformational period’s legacy industries are at times forced to expand in new directions at a pace unseen in decades. The grocerant niche today is redefining the retail foodservice experience. Are you? 

Do you know how can you work grocerant niche products into your establishment to grow profits and capture customers while they are in your store? Call 253-759-7869 as for the Grocerant Guru™,

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