Friday, April 10, 2015

Wegmans Fresh Prepared Food Set the Table for Success

Foodservice Solutions® team visits to Wegmans are not often enough according to rumblings in our office.  We are never surprise when a new Consumer Reports survey comes out and names Wegmans the best grocery store in the U.S.  Well it just named Wegmans the best grocery store in America once again.

Our Grocerant Guru™ created his list on success clues from Wegmans and regular readers are have voted and here are there top four clues for Wegmans success from our list:

1.       Salad Bar for anyone wanting personalized Meal To-Go.   
2.       Selection of both hot and cold Customized Sandwiches.
3.       Outstanding Heat-N-Eat bundled Family Meal Solutions.
4.       Ready-2-Eat in-store café’s, pizzerias, restaurants and bars.

Wegmans offer seating areas where customers can enjoy the prepared food that they offer from either the sandwich station or hot & cold food stations. The food can be enhanced with a large selection of craft beers on-tap or in bottles that create an atmosphere of local for this regional brand. 

With food quality and service always on tap at Wegmans customers marvel at the affordable of a the Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared food.  For example a 7-inch sub costs $5.99 at most locations.

The Heat-N-Eat bundled meal solutions have become a family staple for many loyal Wegmans shoppers. Wegmans was one of the first to bundled a roast with potatoes, carrots, onions and spices all in one package that included instructions. 

Foodservice Solutions team has always found that the salad bar is always clean and fresh, with an extensive variety. There are a few locations that offer what Wegmans calls a Wings of Life salad bar, where an employee makes salads to order using fresh ingredients and in-store homemade foods.  

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