Friday, April 17, 2015

Is Customization What’s For Dinner?

What one United States Census Bureau often over looked statistics is in fact a key driver of change within the evolving food sector?  That is an easy one to answer.  The fact is that 50% of Americans over the age of 18 are now single

What else do we know we are living longer and living more and more of us are living single average 8000 boomers turn 65 every day and will for next 20 years.  While we all know marketing is a challenge it’s important to note that the medium are by race in the US population for those that are white, non-Hispanic is 41.2 and 27.4 for Hispanic .

While it is true that most legacy grocery stores are finding it harder to make maintain sales and customer counts as a surge in spending at restaurants over the past several months signals Americans are more likely to skip the shopping cart for a drive-thru. 

In fact NPD reported that of the 66 billion meals served at restaurants last year a full 2/3’s of those meals were served at fast food restaurants.  Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ stated that there is an growing number of baby boomers visiting fast food restaurants and they are joined by a growing number of millennials.  

The U.S. Commerce Department data released Tuesday that dates to 1992 found that “Sales at restaurants and bars overtook spending at grocery stores in March for the first time ever”

There are more commonalities by age group than many food research have noted.  The number one commonality is the fact that 50% of Americans over the age of 18 are now single.  Our Grocerant Guru™ stated “single people do not need a package of 14 pork chops, six steaks, or five pounds of hamburger patties. So why do grocery stores insist on the legacy metric of ‘basket size’ over customer relevance?

The desire for Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared and Heat-N-Eat food is a commonality shared by all age groups, singles, married couples, families, and retirees according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Team. 

Change is the price a company must pay for survival today Mix and Match meal component bundling, is driving sales of "food away from home,"  That food away from home purchase does not mean that consumers are eating out in restaurants more.  Rather it means that they are buying mix and match meal components that can be bundled into a family meal eaten at home in front of the 65 inch HDTV.  (Note: Foodservice Solutions® Blog  65 Inch HDTV Syndrome from 2012)

Even the Restaurant Association advises on their website that consumers ‘tend to favor fast food, deli food and pizza restaurants over coffee shops, high-end dining and casual dining. Their diversity and interest in new things draw them to more ethnic restaurants too."

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