Saturday, August 13, 2016

Four Restaurants Expand Sales Beyond the Four Walls

Restaurants work hard to build the value of their brand, customer loyalty in order to drive top line sales and bottom line profits.  Today much of the talk is how to drive sales with the latest loyalty programs. Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® says don’t get to fancy, don’t go all high tech to soon; just give your loyal customers what they want.  You’re Food!  Shipping food across the country expands the brand while building brand buzz, top line sales and customer loyalty.
Independent restaurants and regional chains should consider a shipping partner and determined what they will be shipping, how to ship it standard overnight, or two-day flat rate for consumers. The more fragile  fresh the food the more involved seasoned partnerships can prove vital for brands that don’t have the infrastructure to fulfill orders in-house to maintain product integrity and food safety.
Here are Four Examples:
1. Since 1886, Faidley’s has held a spot in Baltimore’s “World Famous Lexington Market” selling both fresh and prepared Chesapeake Bay seafood. The most famous item: crabcakes (naturally). The dish has been a favorite of Charm City since the first European settlement, a testament to the area’s bountiful blue crab harvest. While crabcakes are available nationwide, there’s all too often an overload of filler
2.  Founded by a Greek immigrant in 1949, Skyline Chili has become Cincinnati's most beloved regional chain for its thin, beanless take on beef chili. Locals get it served over spaghetti, sort of like a bolognese, or on top of hot dogs.
3.  "Primanti Bros. Sandwich Pack," you get everything you need to build four sandwiches, including the shop's proprietary Italian bread, fries, and slaw. Choose pastrami, capicola, or two of each—just make sure you pronounce it gabagool if you go with the latter.
4.       Portillo’s The chain sends Italian beef, hot dogs, ribs and tamales to U.S. customers, and business is booming: projected mail-order sales ring out to $4 million and 45,000 boxes this year.
Restaurants must remember that consumers are dynamic not static and as your customers move around it could be very profitable for your to ship them their favorite items.  If success does leave clues giving the consumer what he /she wants is clue number one. 
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