Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Grocerant Meal Components Make Mom’s Meals Happy Meals

Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food has garnered legions of customers from Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®.  In the United States the Census Bureau reports that 50% Americans over the age of 18 are single.  However in food retail Mom’s still matter.
In a research report released by Rodale Inc., called Shopping for Health report, that asked parents with children, ages 0 – 17, about their shopping, cooking and family meal habits. While some of us may at times have forgotten how stressful raising kids was.  The report reminds us “that juggling work, kids and the busy demands of daily life can make it difficult to achieve a family meal at home.”
Here’s in part what Rodale found:
1.       Fifty-seven percent of shoppers with kids eat dinner with their kids every night. Interestingly, fewer than half of dads eat dinner with their kids every night (46 percent), while two-thirds of moms do (66 percent). In an ideal world, three out of four parents said they would want to eat with their kids every night.
2.       For parents who didn’t eat dinner with their kids every night, the top tactics to creating more family meals was to serve more meals their kids enjoy at 47 percent. Coming in second was the tactic of making sure everyone is home at dinner time (42 percent).
3.        When it comes to parents’ buying decisions, their kids’ taste preferences ranked highest at 95 percent. But the good news is that items that are nutritious for children came in close behind at 91 percent.
4.       Parents say their want help from grocery stores to make family meals happen. One in three would like grocery stores to provide more kid-friendly recipes in store and display foods in combination for an easy meal. Following closely behind at 30 percent, shoppers want more ready-to-eat foods kids like in supermarkets.
Companies the ilk of Everytable in Los Angles offer grocerant niche grab-and-go items supplied by a central kitchen model by eliminating the need for a waitstaff or kitchen space  creating a platform for fresh food fast with Low Pricing perfect for Mom’s seeking ‘better for you’ meal components that make each meal a happy meal. 
Not having to go to a grocery store and spend an hour searching for the meal components that would make the family meal a happy meal Everytable has fresh food grocerant meal components that are ‘better for you’ pre-prepared flavorful and cost less than most grocery store prepared food and restaurant takeout food. Everytable is another grocery store sector pantry buster and a customer success clue.

Foodservice Solutions® team is here to help you drive top line sales and bottom line profits.  Are you Looking A Customer Ahead?  Visit   or Contact for more information.  Remember Success does leave clue and we just may have the right clue for you.   Photo Below by: Gary Coronado Los Angeles Times

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