Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Drive-Thru School Lunches at Swiss Farms are Customizable

The notion of fast food is changing according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson who stated “consumers are finding customizable, fresh food options at Convenience stores, Grocery stores, and Drug stores that are fast, fresh, and flavorful. In many cases they are priced less than a meal offered at a traditional restaurant fest food outlet.”
Swiss Farms is understands that parents are time-starved on a budget seeking fresh food options for their children.  Swiss Farms drive-thru market is offering well-balanced kid's meals in customizable lunchboxes. The meals include a half sandwich, a side and a drink for $4.99. An additional half sandwich is available for another $2, according to the retailer press release.
Foodservice Solutions® team thinks that the “drive-thru” customizable lunch will become a big hit with parents and kids.  That’s not all Swiss Farms is offering adult meals ranging from $6.99 to $9.99. Customers can choose a sandwich or hoagie, chips and a drink. Meals come in a Swiss Farms lunchbox with a carry handle.
Scott Simon, CEO of Swiss Farms stated “"We know that getting back into the swing of things at the beginning of the school year is a challenge for everyone. Diving headfirst into pickup, drop-off, homework and school lunches can feel grueling. Swiss Farms has been the trusted neighborhood drive-thru market for nearly 50 years. Customers count on us, so expanding to these boxed lunches was a natural progression,"
The Drive-Thru lunch has branded food products included to edify the value proposition for the parents and increase choice. The kid's menu is nut-free and options include ham and cheese or turkey and cheese half sandwiches; Full Circle applesauce, EnviroKidz granola bars, Annie's cheddar bunnies or fruit snacks and Herr's chips for sides; and Honest Kids juices or Swiss Premium lemonade to drink.
Simon went on to say “The customizable adult menu offers classic chicken salad, cranberry chicken salad, egg and tuna salad sandwiches, and Italian or turkey and Swiss hoagies served with a variety of Herr's chips and Swiss Premium drink pints.” 
Scott Simon gets it according to the Foodservice Solutions® team.  Simon continued "We're all about serving our customers and making their lives easier without sacrificing quality. What's easier than swinging through a Swiss Farms on your way to work or school, picking up a coffee and breakfast and leaving with a healthy packed lunch?" 

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