Saturday, September 17, 2016

Non-Traditional Food Chains Delivering Operational Efficiencies

In 2016 the Next Big Thing in retail foodservice just might be Non-traditional restaurant chains that are delivering meals, deals, and finding success while expanding.   Are the days of ever expanding chain restaurants over? Or are we entering a new era of restaurant operational efficiency?  Those are just some of the questions we posed to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson this week. 

Regular readers of this blog know that companies the ilk of Munchery are well funded, full flavored, fresh food delivered don’t offer indoor seating, outdoor seating, waiters, or waitresses.  What they do offer is fine food fast, delivered to your home or office.  Clearly this is part of the growing grocerant niche fueled by Millennials seeking food discover. 

Delivery only restaurants are popping up all across the country like Munchery, they use one central kitchen to prepare the meals and have them delivered by their own drivers or companies the ilk of Uber, Lift, or Amazon Prime Now.  In New York there is Green Summit Group, In Chicago there is The Eat Purely Company which touts Dinner on Demand.
Virtual restaurant companies’ total sales today may represent a minnow in the ocean of restaurants.  However do not take them for granted as the potential, profitability, combined with customer convenience, edified with branded marketing just might propel them like a powerboat on a quite lake.  Is your companies business model built for yesterday, today or tomorrow?

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