Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pizza Hut’s Back to Basic

Sometimes the best thing for a branded restaurant company to do is simply return to what they do best.  This fall Yum Brands Pizza Hut is doing just that.  Pizza was one of the very first food sectors that focused on consumer interactive participation.  Hand Held and customizable Pizza became a go to staple for the home cook and Pizza Hut lead the way.
Focusing once again on hand held customer interactive Pizza Hut is making a big move for football fans this fall with a retooled pizza box that turns into a “finger-football gridiron” a according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® its sure to resonate positively with customers.
Pizza Hut announced that “the new pizza box is available with any medium pizza order. The box includes a printed flick football playing field on the top of the carton, goal posts, a scorecard and punch-out paper footballs.”
David Timm, Pizza Hut Chief Marketing Officer stated “We know our fans enjoy a little competition, and we’re happy to provide a platform that lets them get in on the game in a whole new way while watching their favorite team,” said “The box brings some excitement back to the classic flick football game,” Timm added, “and we are proud to bring some entertainment to the table along with our $5 Flavor Menu.”
In-addition Pizza Hut is also sponsoring the “Flick Football Challenge,” which invites fans to share videos of their paper football abilities for a chance to win free pizza from the $5 Flavor Menu. Participants can post videos of their box-top football prowess on Twitter, tagging@PizzaHut and using the hashtag #PizzaHutHut.  Ok now start playing!

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