Monday, January 16, 2017

Grocery Store Conundrum Fresh Food

Non-traditional fresh food outlets continue to garner sales from legacy grocery stores for one simple reason. That reason is legacy grocery stores simply don’t do a good job with fresh food.  Here is one example from grocery research company Blue Yonder:

Specifically, 81% of shoppers said they are unable to get produce they want in store, online and at discount retailers, yet 91% of grocery retail professionals are confident they are meeting customer expectations of availability.”

The Blue Yonder research report went on to say “Shopping experiences both online and in-store are not only failing to meet customer expectations of purchasing goods anytime, anywhere, but 35% of shoppers stated they are let down at least once a week. Sixty nine percent (69%) said there is a lack of availability online, while 85% found the same struggles in supermarkets.”

They continued “Replenishment practices are also lacking across supermarket chains, as 30% of all shoppers abandoned their carts if they were unable to find the produce they wanted. Meanwhile, 28% saying that they felt unsatisfied when buying a similar product as a substitute, data revealed.” 

Here is what was shocking fact they were lacking produce availability had much wider implications for profitability. “It has prompted 20% of shoppers to stop shopping with a retailer permanently or for a period of time. This figure rises to 31% for online retailers,” the report said. 

Legacy retailers that can’t even stock fresh produce properly surly cannot be expected rollout a quality grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh food program on their own.  Thus, other are and doing a good job as they garner market share depriving grocery retailer’s pantry sales as well.  Are you ready for Outside Eyes for Inside Profits?

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