Saturday, February 11, 2017

A&W Restaurants Branded Repositioning

New avenues of distribution can be the answer too a brands growth problems.  In the case of A&W the brand is once again in growth mode.  Focusing the food, fun, family, and Root beer A&W has found it footing and this year they plan on opening twelve new convenience store locations. 
Globally viable A&W franchisees own and operate a total of 625 U.S. restaurants, with approximately 375 co-branded KFC or Long John Silver’s—87 of which are located in gas stations and c-stores. Over the past five years, A&W has opened 15 c-store units.

This year A&W Restaurants has kicked off an aggressive development program. The new growth initiative
plan includes a new franchising website, the hiring of a public relations firm, increased advertising and greater visibility at trade shows. A&W wants to expand its presence in gas and convenience, as well as traditional franchisees nationwide extending family, food, and fun with increased portability.

If you are not old enough to remember or did not know A&W, is one of America’s oldest restaurant chains, it was previously owned by Yum Brands for nine years. In late 2011, with sales suffering and the segment losing units, a core group of franchisees purchased the brand. Kevin Bazner, A&W’s president prior to the YUM acquisition, returned as president and CEO.

Kevin and his time edified the A&W brand and its franchisee’s and now for the first time in more than 10 years, A&W is reporting system-wide revenue and store count growth. The announcement comes as A&W celebrates its split five years ago from the YUM Brands.

Bazner stated “From day one our goal was to grow profitable sales, and thanks to our franchise partners’ commitment, perseverance and passion, we have accomplished that,” “Today, our franchisees are more profitable than ever before, which sets the stage for a new phase of growth.”

Non-traditional locations reduce franchisees cost, increase opportunity for brand expansion, while edifying brand value.  Mixing non-traditional locations with traditional locations edifies the brand with today’s on the go consumer and families seeking a familiar branded relationship in a fast pace world.

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