Thursday, August 10, 2017

Foodservice Packaging, Portability, and Profits

Time and time again our retail client’s call us asking what’s new.  Time and time again I tell them that differentiation does not mean different it means familiar but with a twist.  The team at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® believes that packaging plays a key role and we noticed this article last month about fresh food from salads to cake, jarred meals that are green, photo-worthy and portable an thought it would be the perfect example. 
As styrofoam and paper cartons are increasingly loosing favor with consumers and municipalities. There are a small but growing number of fast-casual restaurant concepts popping up with an entire menu served out of re-usable screw-top jars.
We all have seen the mason jars used as a vehicle for food and drink at full-service restaurants across the country. However the grocerant niche has expanding the trend of to-go dishes in jars that is just now becoming increasingly common throughout Europe and Asia, but has only recently reached the U.S.
Three of the concepts are Ancolie, Tyme and  the Jar Bar.  Bret Thorn wrote that “Chloe Vichot, for example, launched Ancolie in November in Manhattan’s West Village. The 10-seat coffee shop and café offers a full menu of salads and bowl dishes served in glass jars, which show off the layering of ingredients. The concept does a brisk to-go and catering business.
A Rainbow Salad at Ancolie, for example, has red cabbage, turmeric cauliflower rice, carrots, lettuce, black sesame seeds and the option of an egg.  The signature Ancolie Jar has lentils, carrots, shallots, goat cheese, lettuce, and the option of both walnuts or chicken.
As specials, warm soups and other dishes are available, as well as things like coconut chia pudding with sour cherry coulis for breakfast, and chocolate cake or apple compote for dessert or snacks. Prices for salads range from $12 to $14.
Vichot uses ingredients that are clean and made in house. “There’s no sugar or honey in the dressing, no genetically modified ingredients. We source from local markets to make sure it’s really fresh and in season,” she said.
Guests are invited to bring back their glass jars for a $1 discount, and about 25 percent of them do, Vichot said. Or they can recycle or re-use them at home.”  Fresh local and sustainable are all value added components when it comes to retail foodservice today.  Packaging meals and meal components in jar’s / containers that can be reused can edify the retail food experience if done right.

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