Monday, August 7, 2017

Starbucks Looking A Customer Ahead

Customer service has always been an attribute that Starbucks exceled at according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.  It’s continues to dumfound most of the restaurant industry that Starbucks is over 46 years old and continues to expand locations, drive top lines, and bottom line profits better than most chains over five years old.

Now Starbucks wants to prove how well it really knows its customers or at least, how well its artificial intelligence can get to you know you.  That’s true especially if you are a Starbucks rewards member. Starbuck’s new cloud-based Digital Flywheel program that it is rolling out this fall is all about “The getting to know you (getting to know all about you)” 
Starbucks in an 'Artificial Intelligence' program the ‘Digital Flywheel’  goal is to seek out the patterns in customers’ orders and try to make sure they have what they want (when they want it) — as well as solid suggestions for what to try next.
Here is an example how it would work according to reports, this is a very specifically targeted system.  When it rains, customers will see one offer — and it might well be a different one if they happen to go to Starbucks when the sun is shining. The AI can also take into account whether it is a weekend or a holiday or your birthday.  Yes, apparently users do get special options on their birthday, Ok so what’s not to like.
Well for starters are you buying at your regular Starbucks? Yes, the app knows that too. If you are not at you’re regular store the app will know that as well. Starbucks is growing because they prove to customer’s year in and year out that they have relevance. 
The Digital Flywheel program will only enhance that relevance with consumers edifying brand, user and real time consumer experience between digital, mobile according to the team at Foodservice Solutions®. How old is your brand?  How fast are you evolving? Does your company look more like yesterday than tomorrow?

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