Sunday, August 26, 2018

Soulman’s Bar-B-Que Expanding the Brands Reach

Time and time again regional brands are finding new ways to drive top line sales and bottom line profits without breaking the bank.  One such leading regional chain is Soulman’s Bar B Que according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
Texans have been visiting Soulman’s for 43 years and those who have been transferred away or moved out of state can now get their favorite meats shipped directly to their front doors with no shipping fees. Leveraging the internet to garner sales and word of mouth advertising Soulman’s brand is now going national.
Brett Randle, CEO of Soulman’s Bar-B-Que stated “There is nothing quite like coming home to a fresh delivery of Soulman’s succulent bar-b-que at your front door,”…“After launching e-commerce nationwide last year, we have shipped to more than half of the states in the continental U.S. To expand that successful delivery map to every state, we are offering free shipping of Soulman’s favorites for a limited time.” Free Shipping for a limited time is Soulman’s new electricity.

Shippable meats include Soulman’s St. Louis Style Pork Ribs, Smoked Sausage and the Hot Links that Zagat raved about. Each order includes a bottle of Soulman’s Signature Bar-B-Que Sauce.
Offerings include:
·         Soulman’s Hickory Smoked Ribs for $69.95
·         Two (2) slabs of St. Louis style pork ribs
·         One (1) 14-ounce bottle of Soulman’s Signature Bar-B-Que Sauce
Soulman’s Hot Links for $44.95
·         Three (3) pounds of hot links
·         One (1) 14-ounce bottle of Soulman’s Signature Bar-B-Que Sauce
The Trifecta: Ribs, Hot Links & Sausage for $94.95
·         Two (2) slabs of St. Louis style pork ribs
·         One (1) pound of hot links
·         One (1) pound of smoked sausage
·         One (1) 14-ounce bottle of Soulman’s Signature Bar-B-Que Sauce
Soulman’s Smoked Sausage for $44.95
·         Three (3) pounds smoked sausage
·         One (1) 14-ounce bottle of Soulman’s Signature Bar-B-Que Sauce
Soulman’s Signature Bar-B-Que Sauce for $39.95
·         Six (6) 14-ounce bottles of Soulman’s bar-b-que sauce
So, what is your new electricity driving top line sales and bottom line profits?  Are your customer counts growing?  According to Johnson, “Brand relevance is in part driven with innovation in new food products in combination with new avenues of distribution all of which are the platform for the new electricity.”
Johnson stated “that in my minds-eye the new electricity must be very efficient for the supply and includes such things as fresh foods, sports partnerships, free shipping , urban farming (produce, seafood, etc.), autonomous delivery, cashier-less retail, , cash-less payments, digital hand held marketing and Grocerant Advisors. .
Foodservice retailers to survive the next generation of retail must embrace the artificial intelligence revolution while simultaneously embracing new avenues of distribution, fresh food that is portable, fresh, with differentiation that is familiar not different.  That will require brands to embrace new fresh food partnerships more now than ever before according to Johnson.
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