Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Checkers & Rally’s Partnerships Reduce Cost, Drive Profits & Growth

Building top line sales and bottom line profits in the restaurant business today requires a unit level focus according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  Consumers today are dynamic not static and Checkers & Rally’s proved they are a dynamic as consumers when they announced the addition of new modular manufacturer partners, which will extend the reach of the brand’s popular modular restaurant design option.
Johnson said ‘Fast Food is simply getting faster and better at everything they do.” In addition to original modular partner Valiant, based in Florida, Checkers Rally’s franchisees will soon be able to work with two new modular partners in different regions of the country in California they partnered with Madison Industries and in Alabama with Z Modular according to the company.
Bret Cunningham, director of Design & Construction for Checkers & Rally’s stated “By aligning with these two new partners, we expand the geographic areas where we can build modular restaurants, so franchisees across the country can utilize the modular design,”... “Having regional partners reduces shipment costs and lead times, making the modular design even more attractive for our franchisees.”
Checkers & Rally’s franchisees that choose the modular option save money on buildout costs, and, because the units are built offsite in a controlled environment, there are no delays due to weather. With the modular design, franchisees are able to expand into markets that were once thought to be cost-prohibitive, and also save time spent securing city permits.
“Checkers & Rally’s is committed to increasing profitability for our franchisees, and that starts during the construction process,” says Jennifer Durham, Chief Development Officer of Checkers & Rally’s. “The modular option not only lowers buildout costs, but also speeds up the construction process so franchisees can open their restaurants and start making money more quickly. By adding two new modular manufacturers, we will be able to continue building up our development pipeline and provide regional options for our franchisees to continue growing with the brand.”
Checkers & Rally’s is set to open 60 new locations in 2018, with 18 of those restaurants utilizing the modular design. In 2019, 35 additional locations are already set to open, with another 111 approved locations in the pipeline. Is your company’s growth dynamic?
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