Thursday, December 27, 2018

Foodservice Demographics Matter

Looking a customer ahead many times means just looking at today’s consumers path to purchase and follow the according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. At other times it requires taking a look back then you can look forward according to Johnson.
Today we do both last yeat  UNiDAYS, uncovered some interesting information in its Gen Z study: “What Restaurant Need to Know,” highlighting key tips for restaurants to make inroads with Gen Z. Exploring the attitudes and behaviors of Gen Z consumers. They found four key themes restaurants need to pay attention to and our team thinks you should look at as well:
1. Move Past the Broke Student Mentality
According to the report, 78 percent of Gen Z’s spend the majority of their money on food. However, Gen Z has already proven to be more financially savvy than their Millennial counterparts. So, even though they have the money to spend, they want to be careful about how they spend it.
2. Community-Based Incentives Are Key
Nearly 93 percent of Gen Zs say they “are more likely to try a restaurant that offers discounts.” UNiDAYS recommends creating a personalized experience for students in a scalable way. Out of the Gen Z-er’s surveyed, 41 percent said they learn about new menu items in the restaurant, and the remainder rely on social media networks (20 percent) and friends (19 percent). The best way to market these local offers are through community-based platforms that build brand affinities.
3. Embrace Spontaneity
Gen Z’s are spontaneous by nature. Only five percent of them said they plan their meals in advance while 48 percent said they try a new quick-service restaurant chain every month. Restaurants can take advantage of their willingness to try new things by using real-time tactics such as mobile push alerts for promotions of menu items and pricing geared towards Gen Z. Since they often communicate in images, it’s critical to dedicate “resources to leverage images and video snippets of your food across social and in promotions targeted at Gen Z.”
4. What Gen Z is Craving: It’s Not About the Meal Plan
Almost 48 percent of students don’t have a campus meal plan, and UNiDAYS says, “if they’re not coming to you, then they’re checking out your competition - which includes local and independent restaurants.” Students share that almost half of local eateries provide special offers for them and 78 percent are taking advantage.
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