Saturday, January 16, 2021

Giant Food Fresh Meal Solutions Sell


Family meals take work, planning, and time.  Giant Food is moving dinner time to a simpler time according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. Giant's new Cook-in-Bag products include 14 meat and seafood entrees that come pre-seasoned or pre-marinated in an oven-ready bag will save time in meal planning, meal prep, and cooking time.

Parents today are more time starved even if they work from home according to Johnson.  Between home schooling, work from home, computer screen sharing, and COVID-19 the last thing parents want to spend time on is planning, preparing, or cooking dinner.  

Giant Food based in Landover, MD in a PR stated “the Cook-in-Bag products include 14 meat and seafood entrees that come pre-seasoned or pre-marinated in an oven-ready bag, for faster and more convenient preparation and clean-up. The new items — with poultry, pork and seafood options — are now available at all of the chain’s 164 supermarkets.”  

Consider this the Cook-in-Bag poultry and pork varieties, which can be prepared in the package or in an oven or crockpot, include garlic and herb whole chicken roaster, garlic and herb chicken breasts, Asian teriyaki chicken breasts, “sweet kickin’” BBQ chicken breasts, chimichurri chicken thighs, carnitas chicken thighs, triple mustard and honey roast, Jamaican jerk roast, red wine and herb loin filet, and Greek seasoned loin filet.

So, they can also be prepared in an oven, the Cook-in-Bag seafood offerings include Mediterranean cod, lemon dill scallops, Chesapeake Bay style shrimp and bourbon salmon. Serving sizes vary by offering and all items are ready in an hour or less.

This is important in the era of COVID-19 customers looking to purchase their groceries online and enjoy the convenience of Giant Pickup or Giant Delivers, the Cook-in-Bag product line will be available on and the Giant Food mobile app. You can do this all from the comfort of you home office.

Tonya Herring, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer at Giant Food stated, “Our Cook-in-Bag products offer flavorful and simple meal solutions, particularly at a time when many are experiencing cooking fatigue at home,” … “These dishes allow families to explore new recipes that can be paired with any favorite side dishes with minimal preparation, which helps to save them time so they can get back to what matters most.”

Giant Food noted that the Cook-in-Bag products mark the latest extension of its private-brand roster. This will allow Giant Food to elevate meal time and Giant Food as a top-of-mind solution for family meals according to Johnson.

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