Saturday, January 30, 2021

Will the Superbowl and DoorDash become Synonymous


Once again Food and the Superbowl will take center stage across the U.S. and one thing just might be a bit different this year. Instead of cook up a storm Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® thinks DoorDash’s knowledge of the today’s food consumers will be their advantage on game day.

DoorDash knows that wings are no longer the top food choice for football fans, yet there are more companies now selling wings than ever before and as regular readers of this blog know many of the new wing companies are virtual restaurants run by legacy chain restaurants.

DoorDash found that this year’s fan-less NFL season, delivery and takeout orders of mozzarella sticks took the No. 1 spot, pushing boneless wings down to second place. Chips and salsa, Caesar salad and pepperoni pizza followed in that order. According to Johnson that’s an advantage in both customer knowledge and product that elevates DoorDash in the minds-eye of the consumer.

Now get this surprise, desserts rose to the top during Wildcard Weekend, compared to the same NFL playoff period last year. So, they were not done, Churros led in the sweet’s category, up 464% from 2020.  Brownies were next, rising 405%, followed by banana pudding with an increase of 307%. So, just what are you thinking about now?  What is on your menu for delivery Superbowl weekend?

Here is why you need to know this, the DoorDash survey also revealed that 93% of Americans plan to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, and 48% of respondents plan to order takeout or delivery for the big game.  Once again what is on your grocerant niche mix and match game day meal bundle?

DoorDash was not alone looking a customer ahead Frito-Lay’s new Snack Index also tracked the change in fans’ eating trends over the past year.  The research found that while large gatherings won’t be happening on Feb. 7, the company expects a 21% increase in snacking compared to previous Super Bowls driven by consumers staying at home. More than 40% of Americans are snacking more than they did last year. 

For you old timers, let’s not forget Chips and dip are the top game-day choice, with salsa ranking as the No. 1 dip for the third year in a row with 42% of consumers surveyed. The team at Foodservice Solutions® thinks the Superbowl food success clues will be found at DoorDash.

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