Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Robotics at Wing Zone Drives Labor Down and Profits


It’s Friday night and orders are coming in fast and furious and two of your key employees have not arrived at work.  Now what?  Sales, slip, service slips, and customers are turned away.  That is not what a way that you can sustain top line sales and bottom-line profits over time. 

According to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® “every restaurant during this inflationary period needs to look for every piece of technology that can help drive down cost and elevate profits while smoothing out operational pain-points.”

So, most regular readers of this blog have heard of Wavemaker Labs.  Wavemaker is the corporate innovation and product development incubator that launched Miso Robotics.   Wavemaker announced the launch of Wing Zone Labs in close collaboration with Wing Zone.

So, Wing Zone Labs is a new franchisee that will focus on driving innovation for the company, helping Wing Zone restaurants unlock their full potential with end-to-end automation. Wing Zone Labs has exclusive rights to the Southern California region covering Los Angeles and has signed a development agreement to open twenty Wing Zone stores there. The company is aiming to raise up to $10M in seed capital via equity crowdfunding site WAX.

David Bloom, Chief Development and Operating Officer of Wing Zone, stated, "At Wing Zone, we live by the motto 'flavor really fast,' and this partnership will help us deliver on that promise to our customers," ... "Bringing in an innovation juggernaut like Wavemaker Labs to not only establish a one-of-a-kind franchisee but also help expand the use of tech and automation within our company is a huge step for us in our quest to create the franchise of the future."

You guessed it, Wing Zone Labs aims to open its first Wing Zone location this year, with plans for initial restaurants to deploy Miso Robotics' flagship product, Flippy 2, to handle the frying station for chicken wings and other fried menu items. Over time, Wing Zone Labs intends to fully automate its franchise stores in order to give customers a truly tech-forward experience.  

Kevin Morris, president of Wavemaker Labs and CFO of Miso Robotics, stated, "Partnering closely with Wing Zone is a huge opportunity to be part of an incredible brand and showcase our technology at scale,". "We're excited to help the brand maximize its output and customer experience. As a franchisee, we will also be able to evaluate and test new software and hardware in real restaurant environments to seamlessly integrate across locations."

Check this out, Wing Zone Labs will primarily be funded through its crowdfunding campaign, which gives everyday investors an opportunity to capitalize on the $787.7 billion franchise industry. Capital raised is solely for Wing Zone Labs and not the overall Wing Zone Corporation.

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