Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Taco Bell Success is What Goes Around Comes Around


Success does leave clues and at Taco Bell they know that consumer focused interactive participatory marketing food Marketing drives customer engagement driving top-line sales and bottom-line profits according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  

At the intersection of yesterday’s menu, older customers, industry buzz, and social media Taco Bell created via Live Más Productions comes Mexican Pizza: The Musical, a star-studded production made for Mexican Pizza fans, by Mexican Pizza fans. You just have to give credit to the marketing team at Taco Bell for bridging the gap in both menu relevance and messaging relevance with this promotion.

So, the cast features Dolly Parton, the global music icon and influential Taco Bell superfan who today confirmed her role in the hottest off-off Broadway production. Parton joins Taco Bell’s biggest fans for a satirical musical about the “harrowing” story of those who fought to bring back the Mexican Pizza, featuring notable moments from Doja Cat’s triumphant journey. 

The ICYMI, fans were already asking for a Taco Bell musical on Twitter earlier this week following an exchange between the Mexican Pizza queen herself, Doja Cat and Victor Kunda, who first went viral on TikTok following his creative interpretation of what a Mexican Pizza musical rehearsal could look like, based off of Doja Cat’s iconic and extremely catchy Mexican Pizza jingle (you know which one). 

Now how is this for fun, read below for more info on how Taco Bell is disrupting Broadway all in the name of the return of the Mexican Pizza:

·         “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” will premiere exclusively on TikTok on May 26 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.

·         Written by Hannah Friedman with music by Grammy award-winning songwriting duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” will feature original music to spotlight the brand’s biggest fans featuring special appearances from Victor Kunda, TikTok extraordinaire, Doja Cat, Dolly Parton and more!

·         Be on the lookout for upcoming TikTok challenges where fans will get to create duet videos with the stars of the musical. 

·         Mexican Pizza will be returning to menus nationwide on May 19 with Rewards members gaining early access starting May 17. 

·         For fans wishing to snag a Mexican Pizza without leaving their home, customers can enjoy the convenience of delivery exclusively through DoorDash between May 19 – May 26, before being available on other delivery platforms beginning on May 27. 

·         DashPass members on DoorDash can exclusively enjoy $2 off one Mexican Pizza with a minimum subtotal of $12 using promo code MEXPIZZA from May 19 - May 26 at checkout.

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