Sunday, July 19, 2009

British Petroleum understands franchisee empowerment. BP’s Franchisee have a basket of opportunity to chose from when it comes to offering food at their units. The range is runs anywhere from Burger Kings and McDonalds to Sushi! Yes, made to order ready to eat sushi. In Memphis, TN the BP on Poplar Avenue sells fresh made to order Sushi. One would ask who would eat Sushi at a gas station? Well the answer is lots of people from Attorneys to college students. In fact “J.J. Lee who manages the business reports that they are taking in about $1,500 per day in Sushi sales.” That my friends that is a lot of Memphians.
The grocerant sector is about consumer choice in ready to eat, ready to heat food. Don’t let Brand protectionism get in the way of your companies success. In this and many other cases the customer is the answer. Leave brand protectionism to brand manages that do not understand channel blurring. Want to keep up with what is happening in the Grocerant sector? Contact me directly and I will send you a copy the new Technomic Retailer Meal Solutions Monitor. Success can be found from 7 Eleven, Boston Market, Holiday Food Stores, Kwik Trip, Gaint Eagle and Eatzi’s. Success leaves clues, first clue is keep informed.

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