Friday, July 17, 2009

In a recent report conducted by New York-based Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods found that consumers are eager for innovation when it comes to packaged goods, household and personal products. Most notable “Eighty-nine percent of consumers said they would be interested in trying new food products at the grocery store.”

Then when questioned which product categories are most likely to introduce services and products that are new and different from what’s currently available, 34 percent of respondents indicated household products, 28 percent included personal products, and only 26 percent indicated food and beverage. Again when questions which products were the most innovative according to 60 percent of respondents. “Electronic media (58 percent), cameras and video equipment (54 percent) also ranked highly.” The food industry has not been meeting the needs set of the consumer when it comes to innovation.

Well enough said! Why do we still see a majority of Grocery stores, Convenience stores sell fried chicken as there featured retail meal solutions? The consumer has and is moving on. The consumer wants Grocerant style food that is ready to eat, ready to heat and portable.

On the restaurant side perceived better for you products are driving sales for Yum brands KFC, and we all know of the success that Chipotle is showing. Whole foods is turning heads with quality ready to eat and ready to heat foods. Grocerant style food is leading the way in portability and consumer choice. It is different, comes in a different format and packaging. The opportunity is out there for all. If you would like a Grocerant program assessment feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment.

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