Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food getting better for you!

Consumers are rethinking what they buy. When consumers are rethinking what they should buy; are they considering your brand or product? During our current economic rescission and continued slump many consumers are rethinking what type of food and where they will buy it. Several recent studies have come out of late focusing on the Premium customer and the “low end” consumer. Each surprisingly signaled that the consumer is willing to trade up for products that they believe are “better for you” “sustainable” or even “organic”.

No matter the reason the rescission is top of mind for consumers and health is there as well. If customers have lost hours per week or lost employment both the high end consumer and the low end consumer are willing more conscious about spending money on food. They are showing signs and sending messages with their spending that they care about Health, Good Health and want a “better for you” product.

Quick service Restaurants are now posting calories on menu boards, many restaurant menus do the same. The information is a powerful veto over time for legacy menu items loaded down with fat and calories. Change is coming, it will continue in this area to come at a slow pace but very steady. Interpreting consumer data and global patterns is all part of Grocerant Program assessments, for one leave a comment. Who has the worst food in America for fat and calories? Albertsons- Fried Chicken, KFC, Pizza Huts Stuffed Pizza? Where is the best? Eatzi’s – salads, Wegmans, or the New A&P? Grocerant program placement can help you position for success.

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